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Thread: selfish!! or not??

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    selfish!! or not??

    Honest opinion needed chaps.
    Me and my Mrs have been engaged for eight years and the pressure of getting married is ever mounting.
    When discussing this again the other day I said what about 2014 a low key ceremony then off to Africa for honey moon. Possibly a safari like....
    May method was take one of the opertuinites off here doing a few days stalking kudu's and warthhog etc while she tags alongside as a safari while enjoying our honeymoon.

    Initially she responded to great, then the penny dropped we have a honeymoon together not so you can go playing crocodile dundee. Was her reply.
    I however tried ti explain the logics but all came to no avail.
    Her wedding plans will rule stalking oh for me in 2014 if she was given her way.

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    I'm sure there would be something for both parties out in SA ,if you've been together that long the getting married bit need only be small and the honeymoon more a holiday of a lifetime try that something along the lines of we will be together for a lifetime !!! Not it seems like a lifetime !
    Good luck weeman

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    Well I see your logic perfectly!Two birds with one stone and all that and saves you two trips to Africa which would waste money which could be spent on keeping her in luxury. (Or thats how I'd put it.)

    The way my other half would see it though is that I want to go to Africa and she is tagging along so we'll call it a honeymoon for the sake of it while I go and kill animals on 'safari' which she won't want to watch or enjoy! (and thats the PG version!)

    I don't think it is selfish if it is a once in a lifetime chance to do it but not a great way to start married life with her being a sour faced grumbler and you in the dog house! I will say though that when we have been on holiday before I am an early riser while she sleeps in and doesn't want to do much till about midday. I understand that hunting Kudu is probably quite a lengthy affair but is there the chance of doing a few mornings (if it was worth it) while staying at the lodge instead of full days?

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    [QUOTE=weeman;705083] "while she tags alongside" [QUOTE]

    Honest opinion? .... Selfish (not her, YOU)

    I mean it doesn't really sound like a "team" effort, the way you put it.

    If she reads this thread though, I'd guess there might be a fair old chance you'll get your safari... on yer tod.

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    At least if you take her to Africa you can let her go swimming in a croc infested water hole if you have wedding day regrets

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    I take it you've already clubbed her over the head and dragged her back to your cave by her hair - what more does she want! Women!
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    There were to be many together qualities gained in the proposed trip a few days hunt only then many others gained and away from hunting. Which were explained to my good Mrs. But she requested a honeymoon were nothing hunting was related. She I think understood my thinking and in safari prices seems ti work cheaper.

    In reply to tamus reply tab key not working on my phone.
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    Mmmm go back to basics and re-train... My missus and myself are trying to save for a trip to Africa. We plan to go when our aniversary is due. On that day Ive to go and bag amy choice of beast whislt she has a girlie day. At night we will eat drink and enjoy the memories of the day..


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    a mate of mine was in Africa on his honeymoon he went for one day hunt shot wildebeest baboon and warthog, you could try to suggest this

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    Don`t get married .. it`s only a piece of paper.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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