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Thread: Reloading Powder Boxes 4 and 6 Tub Boxes

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    Reloading Powder Boxes 4 and 6 Tub Boxes

    Made from 18mm weatherproof faced plywood, these boxes are made for practical reloading powder storage, in line with most storage guidence details.

    The four compartment box as all do, has the 30% minmum "air-gap" between plywood lid and container, for black or nitro powders.
    The internal partitions are removable made of 6mm faced ply but are firmly in slotted rebates.
    Attachment 36059Four Tub

    All joints are flush screwed and the lid closes onto a flush-fit new design self adhesive intumescent seal. The unit is normally finished with steel hinges and supplied with a black hasp for locking if need be, handles to both sides. These boxes have been made in line with Vit (see thier online loading and storage guidelines) and other guidline storage details. If in doubt please check to see if your storage tub will fit, if not the can be made to do so within slight variations.

    Brass fittings all round are an extra 7.00 per box.
    Attachment 36061Six tub

    Four space 1kg Tub box (350mm x 250mm x 250mm) weighs 5.5kg empty 49 plus P&P
    Six space 1lb Tub box (230mm x 250mm x 360mm) weighs 5.7kg empty 49 plus P&P
    Six space 1kg Tub box (340mm x 250mm x 360mm) weighs 6.9kg empty 62 plus P&P

    1l Anti static/UV bottle to fit 1KG, and 750ml White large neck to fit the 1lb Box Tubs are 2.60 each, can be included in shipment at no extra cost. (subject to avalabilty)

    Each box will have Standard 100mm Explosives Warning Label.

    Postage 7.80 per box. Handles and Hasp will be removed for Shipping.
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    Gary Beechener

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    Posted to your UPS Collection point for 90p
    Gary Beechener

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    Now got 3, 4 and 5 Compartment Narrow style,

    45, 47 and 59 Plus P+P.

    Attachment 38665

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    Hi there
    Are these box's still for sale? How much would postage be.
    Can these be fix/bolted down and are the suitable for black powder storage, which would pass police checks


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    Yes, postage to UK for larger boxes in now 7.80, 5.60 the smaller ones. Yes they can, and yes they are. Some are requesting brass external fittings ( no sparks..... ?) can be done but add 7 for fittings in drawn brass. 2,3, 4 , 6 (1kg VIT and reloader size) and larger are ready. I have been making them to custom sizes if you need to. I also have 1lb 6 tub size for placing your own powder in from larger pots, these come with six containers to be re-potted, slightly smalle yin overall size.
    Gary Beechener

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    Ok great thanks,
    just wondering how you fix them down, the police have told us that it needs to be chained down for security.

    Many thanks

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    sent you a PM
    Gary Beechener

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    Thanks Gary and thank you for your help to,
    There well made boxes and there a cracking price to


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    Are these boxes still on sale. If so what is the price for a 4 compartment 1Kg box with brass fittings including P&P

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    Box 65, lid clips and metal handles 13, brass will be an extra cost, a pretty vast cost I am finding, as it's very difficult getting a solid brass quality fitting that's reasonably priced, but it can be done. As an example just a brass hasp is 20 on its own. Delivery 8.

    SD PUNTERS all in (ex brass) 80. 70 without clips a wood handles. Includes the new style labelling. Two days normally after cleared payment.
    Gary Beechener

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