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Thread: Anyone know/seen Amberdog?

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    Anyone know/seen Amberdog?

    I have tried to ring, email and pm Amberdog but to no avail over the last month. If you know him could you get in touch with me by pm.

    He was doing a dsc2 write up for me from a few months ago but haven't been able to get hold of him and it is my last witnessed stalk before I can submit my portfolio hence champing at the bit! If you do know him I don't know if circumstances have changed but I do hope he is ok.....?

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    He has been online he must still be about!
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    i no him , i will give him a ring tomorow ,he will be very busy at his store at moment ,probably busyest time of year for him ,i wouldnt worry too much about him not doing your level 2 write up , as i have spoken too him and he is keen too get one or two portfoliose submited , atb arron.

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