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Thread: Anybody able to advise?

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    Anybody able to advise?

    I will have the chance next year to hunt wild boar in Italy. The ground is very hard and mountainous, so what ever I choose to shoot with will have to be cheap and robust. I need a weapon that will enable me to shoot fast at moving targets, preferably with more than one shot. I presently own a 7x64 Sauer Stutzen, but it's far too nice to go bashing around in the mountains with. I'm cosidering two options at the moment:-

    O/U rifle perhaps a Baikal. Has anyone here owned one? Are there any issues with keeping the barrels true and zeroed at a given range (regulated)?

    Cheap O/U shotgun. Open choked so that I can use breneke type slugs. What range can I expect these to be accurate to?

    Any feedback would be most welcome, but please only first hand experience.

    Thanks in anticipation,


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    I recently went boar hunting in Alsace. I took my 7x64 rifle. I was glad I had it because it took me 4 shots before I tagged my piggie. Had I had a double I doubt I could have reloaded fast enough.
    Some of the continental sabot, fin-stabilised 'slugs' such as the Sauvestre Fleche advertise boar capability out to 80-100yds but shooting them accurately without sights is no mean task. Unless you are very conversant with shooting tactical shot gun or open sight rifle I would (with all of one pig trips experience) suggest that whatever you take has either a scope or red dot type aiming aid. I took a 2-12 mag scope and never wound it up above 2 for close qwarters work or 4 for longer viewing ares. Illuminated dot type reticles proved invaluable on my trip.
    Take all of the above with a pinch of salt, as like I say this is based on one trip.

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