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Thread: Mauser Werke Oberndorf Mod 98 .243

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    Mauser Werke Oberndorf Mod 98 .243

    Hello Guys

    i've got my Mauser Werke Oberndorf in .243 for sale to fund a new project the action is the bomb proof Mauser action with a sporting barrel ideal for stalking

    the barrel is screwcut 1/2" uhf Bore is very good and clean

    comes with a set of bases specially made for the Mauser action as the bolt catches on cheap and cheerful bases on opening the bolt

    also a pair of 30mm Warne mounts, the stock is made from walnut and in very good condition, slight cabinet and use marks to the stock as expected.

    The Bolt is fitted with the flag type safety selector, the trigger is a double set trigger rear being crisp and the front very light

    looking for 550.00

    face to face of rfd transfer at buyers cost

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    Any chance of a picture? Do you mean unf or unef? What twist does the barrel have? Regards JCS

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    Hi JCS

    pm me an email address so i can send photos

    it is unf sorry was late night writing advert and spell checker keeps rectifying to uhf

    I'll check the twist for you asap


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    Hello JCS

    forward me an email address to send you pictures

    the rifle twist is 1 in 10"

    hope thats of use to you


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    PM and pictures sent hopefully to everyone


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    price reduced to 475.00

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    Hi can u send me some pics please

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    after checking the rifle again for someone the barrel is a 9 1/2 in 1


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