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Thread: The things you come across whilst stalking

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    The things you come across whilst stalking

    I was just looking through my journals this morning when I came across a couple of photographs I took whilst stalking hinds in Glen Lyon at the end of October. We all know that there is much more to stalking than just shooting deer - there is the wildlife to be seen, the company of the stalker, the landscape and probably much more. I have stalked the glen for a number of years and was aware of a particular cluster of rocks called the Praying Hands of Mary but never went up to them for a closer look. This year I did and took a few photographs too. Apparently, they are well known and apart from the christian representation that they hold they are also notable in the Pagan community too as I witnessed a number of relics and symbols left amongst the stones. I am led to believe that during the summer solstice groups of pagan followers assemble at this site and perform certain rituals, who knows perhaps naked as well. If so I bet the midges have a good feast on a rather delicate sort of flesh..............

    This got me thinking about other sites of notable interest I have come across whilst out stalking. Years ago stalking at Ceannacroch forest in Invernessshire I was shown, allegedly, a cave that Bonnie Prince Charlie hid from the Hanoverians after the battle at Culloden, though I am sure there must be many caves noted where the young pretender took refuge. And closer to home on my stalking here in Aberdeenshire there is Leuth's Stane, a sort of standing stone definately erected by man identifying the spot where Leuth, the son of McBeath was reportedly murdered. I must say there has been more than one occasion during a late evening's roe stalking session that the hairs on the back of my neck have stood up when passing it.

    It would be interesting to hear from SD members if they have come across similar places of interest.

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    The Praying Hands of Mary...............

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    Donsider, Glen Lyon is particularly rich in myths and legends , as a regular visitor to Glen Lyon
    you are probably aware of many of them, but here are some that might interest you apologies
    if you already know of them.

    Legend has Pontius Pilate born in Fortingall.

    The ghostly IX legion have reportedly been seen marching in the lower regions of the glen.
    A Roman soldier has been seen several times on the stairs in Roro farm house.

    The Romans have long been associated with Fortingall though there is no proof that they were
    ever there, what is known as the Roman fort when excavated proved to be a pictish settlement not Roman

    Further up the glen one time stalker Bob Bisset and a companion were sitting out at night, trying to catch some local poachers, both fell a sleep when they awoke they saw nothing but were surrounded by the sounds of battle, the pounding of unshod horses, and the clash of claymores.

    Not in Glen Lyon but not so far away a hill is haunted by a ghostly stalker, who appears to hill walkers shouting and swearing that they have ruined the stalk,

    Glen Lyon has quite a few Urisks, Urisks are hybrids part human part fairy they live by burns
    usually by a water fall they are friendly towards humans but are so ugly that most humans can't stand to be near them.

    A few miles from Fortingall at Camusvrachan you will find St. Palladiuses footprint he was a
    Urisk saint and his footprint can be seen in the rock, this area was also an open air court at one time .

    In the glen you have a barrow known as the mound of the dead, this is also said to be the entrance to hell.

    Near the head of the glen you can branch of into glen Mearan or glen Cailleach (the glen of the old woman)
    A short distance up the burn in glen Mearan you will come to a small cairn this is known as Katies cairn, Katie was a young girl looking after cattle at the summer shielings who was murdered by cattle thieves.

    In glen Cailleach you will find the pagan shrine to the Cailleach this consists of a small thatched roofed house the cailleach and her family are represented by small water washed bell shaped stones, they spend the winter shut indoors only coming outside from May 1st until October the 31st

    The Cailleach is a sort of guardian of the glen if she and her family are looked after she in turn will look after the cattle in the glen(though there are no cattle now) and the people will prosper(there are no people in the glen now either) the last people would leave
    when the the dam was built and the upper reaches of Glen Lyon flooded for the hydro scheme.

    However the stones are still put out and taken in each year and her house has a new thatch every second year this task falls to the keeper off the stones, who in recent times has been
    the stalker on the ground.

    If you find the Cailleachs story of interest, you will find more info if you google it.

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    Nothing that interesting.... just an old bog seat and a pair of knickers
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    Nothing that interesting.... just an old bog seat and a pair of knickers
    Deer stalking silly. Not your kind of stalking.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    Many thanks for this Bogtrotter, it certainly has given me something to think about. When I was filming in the glen a few years ago I included a short item on the Korinore diamond, reputedly from India and once belonged to the Prince Victor Duleep Singh one time owner of Taymount Castle. The diamond sits on the crown of England and he asked Queen Victoria for his country to have the diamond returned. She said no and he called her Fagin............. Ah well, times were hard for Royals then I suppose.

    As I said, there's certainly more to stalking that shooting a deer.

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