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Thread: Hello from Pestguard

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    Hello from Pestguard

    Hello every one , new to the forum , so be gentle with me
    I own and run a pest control company in Co Durham, North East England for the past 27 years , an new to stalking , but not to shooting .


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    Hi its a great forum

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    Hi pestguard1,welcome to a brilliant site,enjoy! Wf1[pestie for 37 years]

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    Up to now you have made three posts, one of which I have deleted, and you have managed to offer something for sale (the deleted post) place a wanted request in another and make an introduction that is more like and advert than anything else. I suggest you edit your introduction to be more of an introduction and let me know what you want your user name changed to.

    There have been too many people taking advantage of the site recently, it is unfair to our trade members and we are stopping it wherever we see it.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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