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Thread: When do roe bucks shed their antlers

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    When do roe bucks shed their antlers

    OK I know I should know the answer to this but last week whilst out magpie culling with the .22lr I saw a mature doe with 2 followers the buck follower still had a complete set of white tipped antlers which were a couple of inches above the tops of his ears.

    I assume he was a follower as he was clearly smaller than the mature doe but bigger than the young doe. Range was 250yds and a bit dull but clearly had antlers.

    VS two days earlier son and friend when out with air rifles all but stepped on 4 roe and the big buck had well develope antlers in velvet.

    I thought mature bucks shed early winter and youngsters later.

    What are other members observations this year.



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    I saw a few bucks in the last few weeks and they had not all shed .the more mature bucks seem to have shed leaving the immature still with the head gear .

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    what norma said... older bucks cast as early as October, whereas juveniles can still be in antler in December
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    I came across a buck in velvet last week and his antlers were just over the tips of his ears.

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    As above, saw a big buck a couple of weeks ago, in velvet but with a fairly well developed head already.

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    as well as cast 1st the older bucks will also be the 1st to start to shed there velvet not to sure why they do this must be some reason behind it tho?

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    I was out last Friday and spotted a buck, a nice one too, still in hard antler in the Borders.
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    I was on a pheasant shoot last weekend and saw a fantastic buck still in hard antler, not what I was expecting to see in late December.
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    Had a very close encounter with a mature buck still carrying antler last week.

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    out chirstmas eve and i saw a buck in velvet, around 2-3 inches, looked an older buck ran across in front of me 10 yards away

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