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Thread: or swap Titleist golf clubs + extras

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    or swap Titleist golf clubs + extras

    sale/swap set of titleist golfclubs
    Mizuno MP30 golf clubs + Ping Driver + extras

    A set of MP30 Grain flowed forger golf clubs ( I bought new about 7-8 years ago) in good condition, the odd stone chip on the sole as you get with forged clubs 4-pw + a Titleist Vokey wedge 56%

    A Ping G5 Driver and Rife Barbados Putter ( and headcover ) both in very good condition + Mizuno carry bag and will provide 20+ good quality golf balls

    All in these were well North of 550 but amazingly golf clubs just don't seem to keep their price ( unlike shooting stuff-espically when you are buying)

    Mizuno imo are the leading club manufacturer and I lowered my handicap greatly with these clubs , however with a young family ive played 2 this year and next year is looking the same so no point stuck in my car

    I would like 150 collected or will swap for a scope of similar value ,
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    The problem is, these clubs are 8 years old . ...each year manufacturers bring out a new set of irons that each claim to be at least 10 yards further per club than the previous years. So , by my reckoning your wedge goes about 100 yards and the new wedges go about 80 yards further ie 180 yards!

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    I thought it was a sin around these parts to go out chasing a little ball around barren artificial countryside when you could be amongst wildlife in real countryside.

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    Come on guys , even if you only use them once , strike up a friendship with the green keeper , get a new permission and then stick them back in the cupboard

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    I'd better not take them golf wouldn't build friendships with any green keeper

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    Secondhand golf clubs on SD........... this is pure heresy. Can we have a filter Admin?

    I tune in to SD to be freed from mindless pursuits like golf & football. Is this typical of Middlesex posters?
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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