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Thread: Sauer 202 .308 barrel length

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    Sauer 202 .308 barrel length

    Hi all, seasons greetings

    I'm looking to order a Sauer 202 in .308 and am hopefully going down to Garlands in the next couple of weeks to speak to them; but wanted a few thoughts before I go.
    I've picked my stock and receiver, but not sure on the barrel choice.
    I would ideally like something that I could put maybe 110gn V-Max through for foxing, but also something bigger for deer as well, maybe 150gn etc.
    The rifle would pretty much always have a mod on, so don't want a barrel too long, but I'm concerned that if I go too short (the shortest they do is 18") then it will limit my ammunition choice. Also is it worth the little bit extra for fluting?
    Any ideas?
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    I think fluting is basically a cosmetic thing - if you like it then go for it but it will make no difference to how the rifle shoots. The Sauer is a great rifle and it is unlikely you will have any problems getting it to shoot well.

    In what way do you think a shorter barrel will limit your ammo choice?

    I have a Blaser, a sort of sister to the Sauer I guess, which has, I think, a barrel that is just over 21 inches. It shoots everything I can put into it pretty well and certainly better than I can. Also I have one load with 150 grain spire points that gives me 3000fps with no pressure signs and long brass life, it shoots the 110 grain V-Max very well with a minimum load - it shot so well with the starting load that my development stopped there. I'd guess that an 18 inch barrel will knock a bit of velocity off for you but my load of choice is a 150 grain Partition giving me about 2700fps and it knocks deer down far harder and faster than the 3000fps load so I'd not be worried about a few fps.

    In the end I'd go for a rifle I liked and was comfortable with and not be concerned about the internet experts who get worked up about a few fps or another half inch of drop at 1000 yards.
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    That's great, many thanks for you comments Caorach. I wasn't sure if a shorter 18" barrel would stabilise light heads as effectively. Having said that, I don't really want a barrel longer than about 20" anyway so I may well be worrying over nothing!
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    Stabilization is not exactly related to barrel length but rather to do with the rate at which the bullet is spun - pistols with barrels only a few inches long are able to spin the bullets in order to get them stable so an 18 or 20 inch rifle barrel will have no trouble at all providing the rate of spin is fast enough for the longer bullets. It is heavier, i.e. longer bullets, that are difficult to stabilize rather than lighter bullets.

    The only situation where you might have a problem would be with very heavy bullets at very low velocity. In that situation then a shorter barrel might have an impact by slightly reducing velocity and, therefore, spin rate. However at the point at which this would be a problem I'd guess you would already be in pretty marginal territory for that particular bullet so the inch or two off your barrel would probably be the least of your problems.

    For any combination of bullet dimensions and velocity there always comes a point where the bullet is no longer stable. This calculator will allow you to see if your bullet might be stable though, clearly, you will have to estimate velocity however I suspect you will find that any bullet you will want to use will be stable in your rifle. The info on the twist rate of your barrel is probably on the Sauer web site:
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    Evening, Fellas

    I can't talk about the .308, but I have a Sauer 202 Outback in 6.5x55 and would like to throw a couple of ideas at you.

    Firstly, I have the 22 inch barrel on mine which was a jump from the 20 inch I was used to. It is the fluted barrel. The whole rifle only weighs about 2.9Kg naked. If the fluting saved, say, 100g, then it was worth it. It certainly doesn't detract from the rifle or the way it shoots.

    So, my thoughts are, if you are looking to save weight and the fluting gives a worthwhile saving, then it can't hurt. Also, if a longer (than 18inch) barrel would give you flexibility then I am sure you could jump to 20 inch without feeling you are handling a barge pole.

    Hope that helps!



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    Coriolis - just for a laugh I measured some bullets for you:

    110 grain V-MAX bullet length 0.775 inches with the plastic tip coming in around 0.19 inches

    150 grain Nosler Partition bullet length 1.1 inches

    165 Sierra Gameking bullet length 1.176 inches

    That will give you some data to start with, but you'll have to go pretty slow before you can't stabalize those I'd guess.
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    This all good stuff, cheers fellas
    I'm used to and happier with an overall shorter rifle, especially as I mod them. But will look at the 20" fluted rather than the 18" heavy weight barrel I think. Hopefully shouldn't get too many probs. My main concern is that I can seat the smaller heads close enough to the lands. I've got a couple of local mates who are much better loaders than me so will get some assistance
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    Hi Coriolis, my Sauer 202 is 21 inches and has already had 2 inches chopped off the barrel. It made no difference to the grouping. It shoots 150gn Nosler ballistic tips into keyholes all day long. My mate has the fluted barrel version and it does look nice and is a bit lighter to carry. Mine has a wildcat mod which makes it a bit of a lump. I've looked at lots of ways to lighten up the rifle because it is a heavy lump and reckon that the best way would be to go for a synthetic stock which would allow you to carry it all day long. When stalking I do tend to reach for the Tikka 6.5 which is nice and light to carry and easier to get onto target. The Sauer is ideal for sitting in high seats but I would take it out more if I could bring myself to buy a synthetic stock, swap the mod to a Jet-Z and not have the worry of marking the wood stock.

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