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Thread: Feed for .308

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    Feed for .308

    I am in the process of applying for a variation to my FAC to get a .308win barrel for my Blaser.
    I fancy the look of the Nosler Accubond 185gr (Federal Premium), anyone else tried them?

    I expect the usual rants about Blasers/get a 6.5 x55/start homeloading etc and will try not to rise to the bait.

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    hi geoshot,i had 185grn federal in my .308 when i first had it and they seemed a bit to much through it so i dropped down to 150grn and they seem better.i dont have a moderator on it so cant say what they would shoot like with one on but with out they were a bit to much,alot more recoil.

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    lets twist again

    What is the twist rate of the new barrell, what wieght will it like? 150gr (I reckon is about optimum in .308 win)


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    I read somewhere in a technical book that for .30 cals. the ultimate weight was 168 grain which is probably why a firm advertised its 168gr bullets as `National Match`.
    Personally I myself have shot many, many Deer with the Speer bullet, No. 2022, 150gr SPBT.


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    I use 150gr Accubonds in my 300wsm they are a good performing bullet on Sika.

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    Too Heavy

    The bullets are too heavy for a 308 IMHO.

    308 was designed around 150 gn pill and best loads are for that.

    Varmint barrelled variants do like the sierra game king 168 HPBT, but it is a bit heavy for stalking.

    The 308 has a trajecory like a rainbow at the best of times surely feeding it with a heavy bullet is going to make things worse?

    My home loading has ben with lighter bullets (125GN Nosler BT) to improve trajectory, but accuracy is not there at moment. i always end up back with Federal 150 soft points.

    Just my opinion.


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    Thanks for the feedback.

    To answer swampy the barrel twist is 1 in 11" by the way so maybe it should handle some of the heavier stuff ok.
    Blaser themselves make their own ammo for .308 at 168gr so it looks like 150-168 is the suitable range, a 180gr seems too heavy and I don't want to go too light or its not a big enough step up from the .243.
    I was just as worried about the performance of the accubond (165gr) on game. Does it do the job or is it better to use the partition ammo?

    Ta again

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    308 bullet

    I have used the speer spitzer 2023 from my 30-06 on roe for years, It is my favourite. With the 308 you should be able to get velocities of 2900 fps + which puts it only 100 or so behind the .30-06 so the trejectory will be ok.

    that speer bullet is Very good and i would recomend it over all.


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