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Thread: Global warming?

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    Global warming?

    A little puzzled this morning, It's December & I have sparrows dragging nesting materials into the pyracantha next to the office window, & fighting over last years nest in the corner of the house eaves, one pair of cock birds locking claws & going earthwards like a giant sycamore seed, last years mallard young were extra early too. What's odd near you?

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    Daffodills seem to think it's spring already, they're in for a shock

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    The 1.8m banana plant in our couryard is still in growing mode, with the centre leaf reaching skyward and unfurling a cm or so every day.

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    We had our apples on the trees for ages this year, strawberries and raspberries still growing until very recently very odd

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    Blackbirds singing in the tree tops as if it were spring


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    Not round here they don't Max shoot the little buggers if they disturb me beauty sleep before mid morning coffee

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    Bollock freezing and pissing rain here in Ireland.

    However, my hens did start to lay again last week. Did not expect this until the end of January.

    Who knows?

    Any woodcock out there?

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    -6 in speyside this morning, no global warming here!

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    Claret , funny you should mention, ours have started laying this last few days too!

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    I've just heard the first cuckoo and the palm trees round here make excellent nesting sites. I've run out of sunscreen and the Ray-bans are in for a service.

    (actually it is pissing down as usual. Nice)

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