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Thread: Stuck Cases

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    Stuck Cases

    Hi guys
    Been using Federal Fusion 140gn in my 7mm-08 to good effect but recently got a batch of 200 and upon using the first box when i fire a shot it takes extreme force to open the bolt and eject the case, last time i had to tap bolt open with hammer.
    Any ideas whats causing this?

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    Pressure? But I'd not expect that on factory ammo. How did the primers look after firing?

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    My thoughts too mate and primers looked ok.
    Been working great up untill this batch

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    Any sign of any sort of depository left in barrel?!

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    Just had a look down barrel, seems to be some sort of deposit there

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    johnny, measure the webb of the case head just in front of the extractor groove, if it has grown more then .0015" over the same diametre of an unfired case then you have pressure problems.


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    Have you left any cleaning agent/s in the chamber?
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    I had a similar problems when i bought my first Centrefire rifle. I bought a new Parker Hale and had 200rnds of Hirtenberger ammo included in the deal, but when I fired it I experienced hard extraction, stuck cases and uncomfortable recoil , hammering up the bolt handle was a very common practice , needless to say the rifle and ammo was returned and swaped for something better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmer_mike View Post
    Pressure? But I'd not expect that on factory ammo. How did the primers look after firing?
    Then you are in for a shock.

    I had some PMC in 6.5x55 that was so overpressure it blew the primer pocket out and snapped the firing pin on the Mauser M96 that I was shooting.

    What I fail to understand is why continue shooting when there is obviously a serious issue. Needing a hammer to open a bolt beggars belief .

    With that PMC there was no problems until that one round. Luckily I was unhurt although my specs got a dent in the frame from the rear of the bolt hitting them and I had Dougie Glastor of the NRA as RCO at that moment so an excellent witness.

    Edit:- Primers are no way to tell pressures and it's about time this old wives tale died a natural death.

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    I hear you on PMC. A friend had some 180 grain 30-06 that was Chronographing 2950 fps!

    To the OP, I would check to see is any of those 200 are of a different LOT number ad if so, fire those. I'm curious: What kind of rifle are you using? Any marks at all on the case? Brass shavings?~Muir

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