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Thread: Good evening absolute beginner here

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    Good evening absolute beginner here

    My name is Tony Paull. I'm from the forest of dean in Gloucestershire. I'm new to gun sports (still waiting for my gun licence). I'd like to do a deer stalk in the future after a fair few cartridges have left my barrel. So I'm joining this site to receive tips and advice about shooting. If anyone can help me out I would be very grateful. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Evening Tony welcome to the forum. I received an email today pointing me to this site. Seems to have everything to get you started:Jelen Deer Home introducton has not been answered much on here no pointers or direction yet possibly the site sees alot of newbies and the locals get fed up with answering the same old questions? Hopefully that site will guide you a little. Intro course prices etc seem reasonable so should be a good place to start. I have been browsing the daily posts and picking up knowledge slow time. Enjoy

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    Brilliant thank you triscz

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonypaull View Post
    Brilliant thank you triscz
    Guys/girls if you have any questions should try asking them under the correct sub forum or if you can't find one try general not many people check the intro sections. There's plenty experienced people here willing to share with everyone.

    Welcome and happy hunting


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    Evening David,Appreciate that the intro section is simply that, on reflection it appears to be more of an archive should someone wish to dig and find out a little about the newbies. I was just hoping for a few more responses to my intro / pointers to threads that would help but it was very quiet. Enjoying the forum though ALOT of knowledge here and I have enough to get my teeth into for the moment. Hoping the info here will help me get a foot in the door with stalking and learn more about shooting in general.

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    Welcome to the site, don't forget to use the search facility

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site a lot if good folks here so I'm sure you will get some good advice

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    Welcome Tony, I'm only down the road from you in Gloucester so feel free to contact me should you need any help or advice! If I can help I will!

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