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Thread: First Roe

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    First Roe

    Got my first Roe doe today and to top it off it was with my late fathers .308.
    This was my third outing first was a blank second ended with a fox third time lucky bagged my self a nice cull Doe.

    We were just about to walk back to the lodge when 2 doe's popped out the wood and started to head straight towards us. My two mates moved slowly back against the hedge line to allow me to drop down on my bi-pod and take shot.

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    Well done sir ! Great feeling isn't it and made all the better by using a rifle that has sentimental value ! Congratulations
    atb jim
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    Well done, Waidmannsheil!
    may many follow.....
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    Congrats mate, bet you can't wait to get out again, even better knowing it was shot with your late fathers rifle.

    Good luck.

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    Well done! I'm sure that you will shoot many more deer, but I know that the first one will always be remembered

    Hope your late fathers rifle accounts for many more.



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    Well done. I still remember the first deer I shot. It was a roe doe too. Good luck and hope you have many more memorable stalks.

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