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Thread: foxpro spitfire

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    foxpro spitfire

    Im sure its been covered loads but I got one for xmas I havent used it yet but what calls do you guys that hace them find work well on these?

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    Young Rabbit dying seems to work best out of the Rabbit sounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramble View Post
    Young Rabbit dying seems to work best out of the Rabbit sounds.
    Funny thats what iv just called in a fox with tonight on my first outing with it but thank you anymore suggestions

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    hi ive also used dying rat call and crow distres if you want to photo them only(crows)

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    I've found that, in daylight and if there are crows in the vicinity, that Crow Distress stirs 'em up and the subsequent disturbance will attract the notice of any foxes in earshot. They may then come to investigate. I use the occasional Crow Distress to keep the birds going and low volume Dying Rabbit or Rodent otherwise.
    I have found that Crows will not land but fly around for a time so attracting more attention.
    At night, I start off with a quiet call, Rabbit, Chicken, etc and only increase the volume after maybe 15-20 mins.
    It's surprising how good the hearing of a fox is, I've had them react at over 200 yds to a bulb squeaker operated in my pocket in a small plastic bag.

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    A friend of mine is after one of these where's the best place to buy them from ?
    Atb jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    A friend of mine is after one of these where's the best place to buy them from ?
    Atb jim
    Bushwear is probably your best bet,you can get them cheaper from the states but they have calls more suitable for uk foxes programed onto the bushwear ones,spitfires are the older version of the wildfire as for calls baby rabbit,rat and rodent distress seem to be best round here,found rat the best of those so far.

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    I don't use this model but if it has it or the function to dowload more calls then this time of year I find the vixen call very effective it will obviously bring in the dogs but also other vixens. Good luck

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    Red Fox Rally is good if it has it - I use a Foxpro Wildfire not sure if they all have the same calls - as said above download a Vixen call too. Distressed Pheasant is another I've used successfully around late harvest time.

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    Cheers guys ill try and find a vixen call for it I dose have the red fox rally so ill give that anouther go aswell

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