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Thread: Muntjac North of the M62 ????

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    Muntjac North of the M62 ????

    I went beating last week and speaking to a friend he told me of Muntjac shot in North Yorkshire he thinks near Scarborough. The story can't be verified and he had heard it from someone who had heard it from someone etc. etc. Anyone any knowledge of them being seen never mind shot north of the M62.


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    I've heard of them in certain areas of South Yorkshire
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo1984 View Post
    I've heard of them in certain areas of South Yorkshire
    Ive heard of them just south of it so wouldn't surprise me to find them top side of 62 as well

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    There's a population in the Pickering area by all accounts. Mate of mine has them on ground he walks his dogs on.


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    North yorkshire/sometimes down south and occasionally further north
    been seen in teeside, I've heard from credible sources.

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    They are around Drax just north of the M62 and I've seen them down the M18 from Doncaster to the M62.

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    Not here, used to be some 20year ago ! Poachers & the dog lads wiped 'em out & scared 'em off. fingers crossed, they make it up to be managed to a reasonable proportion again one day.

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    I would think the only ones above South Yorkshire have done so according to the theory of evolution facilitated by Dr Ifor Williams Esq.

    I've heard lots of stories about them managing to get across the Trent / Soar etc that way.


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    I used to do a lot of beating and lamping around Pickering. Someone said they'd seen one while beating one day but we never saw them on a night or whilst beating and the keeper never saw it. And the amount of time we spent up there you thought we would have

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    Depends whereabouts you were in relation to Pickering I guess

    I'm only going by what my mate has told me he's seen and from mention from other sources. I beat on a shoot near to harrogate over the 2004/05 season and the keeper there had seen a muntjac doe a year or so previous. Not heard of any suggestions of an established population around there since then. Most likely the result of a limited 'introduction' attempt by someone...


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