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Thread: Your attention Please.

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    Your attention Please.

    One and all,

    There has been recently a significant increase in the number of people circumnavigating, or at least attempting to, the site rules mostly in relation to avoiding trade membership, or building the number of posts made by simply making one word welcomes to gain access to the classified section. The site is paid for by trade membership subscriptions and if anyone thinks that they can take advantage of this by evading trade membership, and using the classifieds then they are mistaken. It is becoming a daily occurrence for us to have to communicate with members to sort these types of incidents out, which is nothing more than a waste of our time.

    I am happy to say that the vast majority of the membership stick to the rules which ensures the smooth running of the site, but as always there are a few who have to try it on, this is a situation that has prevailed for years, wasted our time for years and taken advantage of bone fide trade members for years. So in an effort to save out time and to aid in the future smooth running of the site and ensure fairness to our trade members, anyone who attempts to flout the rules in this manner in the future will have no future on this site, they will be banned.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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