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Thread: Re-Sizing problem

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    Re-Sizing problem

    Hi all, I have two rifles in 6.5x55. The BSA chamber is slightly larger than the Sako. I found this out early on, when a cartridge case that was fired in the former was re-loaded and then became stuck when loaded in the Sako. For some time I kept the two lots of cases seperate, then decided that full length sizing would solve the problem.
    Initially I used Lee dies but a couple of years ago bought an RCBS set and now use them. After full length sizing with the RCBS I found that some of the cases were very tight, trying them in the Sako and the odd one I would not be able to close the bolt. I reset the depth on the press and re-sized again. This made some improvement but I was still not happy with the result.
    As a final check, I took the old Lee die and set it up in the RCBS press, Re-sized again and Hey Presto, they all chambered sweetly in the Sako.
    Question:- Is there an adjustment I have not made in the RCBS die, or is it just not the correct size?
    All suggestions appreciated.

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    This may sound daft, are you using the same length of stroke on the press/ are the cases travelling the same distance into the dies? Is it possible the rcbs is is a custom made die?

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    have you backed the die of half a turn with the ram at full stroke so it does not touch the shell holder?

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    With my 308 dies, I've got sizing dies from Lee, Redding and Forster: the Lee ones are slightly tighter around near the case head, I reckon the cases come out a bit straighter because any bulging is removed more effectively. Purely by observing how well cases drop into my Wilson case gauge: I find that cases are a bit stick going into the gauge with the rim rubbing against the side, this doesn't happen with cases sized with the Lee resizer.

    Have a look at your cases: are they bulged on one side? Measure it around bottom of the case, is it tighter with Lee? If the Lee dies work, just stick with them. Some people like to slate Lee for their lack of quality, but their sizing dies are just fine!

    Just a thought

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    Tech Man,

    I believe you are having headspace problems and will need to bump the shoulder back on the cases to ensure they fit the tightest chamber.

    You will need to get a Stoney Point Head 'n' Shoulders Comparator to measure the average dimensions of say 10 No. of your brass. You then need to screw your sizing die into the press and lock it in position when the dimension of your sized case is slightly smaller than your average measured dimension (2 thou is the norm). You should then find that your brass will chamber in both rifles.

    I hope the above summary is clear. You'll find it's a bit of trial and error process but easy enough once you've got used to it.

    Good luck,


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    I had the same problem when I swapped from Lee dies to RCBS micrometer dies (which is why I now use Redding and Forster dies). Unless you set the depth on the RCBS die very carefully, it won't resize the bottom few millimeters of the case, leaving you with chambering problems.

    Do as Deer Man says - back the die off the case holder slightly and it should solve the problem. If you're using a Lee press, you'll probably feel a lot more resistance on the press handle at full stroke. If that doesn't solve the problem THEN investigate head-spacing issues.


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    Hi There,

    There is a load of Bunkum spouted about these sort of problems and the simple fact is that due to the tolerances allowed between maximum and minimum chamber sizes this can happen with any make of dies.

    If you chamber is maximum and oyour die minimum they'll chamber Ok but you will be sizing them down a lot. If your chamber is minimum and your dies near maximum you will havign some difficulty.

    Truth is tools wear in use so....................

    Another problem is that often, and you might not believe this, but people often never read the instructions . I have just set up a set of RCBS dies in 25-06 and the setting to allow them to size the cases so the bolt cloases with no resistance is very fine. A fraction of a turn out and you feel the bolt handle stiffen up as you close it. This is ok for case life but not if a quick follow up shot is needed so I want the bolt to close with no resistance.

    I also buy used dies some of the time. Thes newly acquired 25-06 ones came from Florida off e-bay. As most of you will know the 25-06 is not the most popular cartirdge here in the UK just like the 6mm Remington so one ahs to search out the componants for it.

    Only one rifle I have encountered that was really a problem and we tried five different sets of dies of three different makes and none could size them down correctly so I had the chambered reamed to Improved spec which solved the problem.

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