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    I'm looking for a 6-24x50 scope, a Nikon monarch or similar. Would perhaps consider a 8-32x56. Has anyone got anything they'd consider selling?


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    Swaro 6 - 24 with tds 4 reticle ?

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    Thanks for the suggestion but way out my price range.


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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post
    Thanks for the suggestion but way out my price range.

    For what they cost, a 6.5-20x50 Leupold VX-III would be a very shrewd choice and in my experience a lot better than the Nikon you mention and very possibly at less cost. All Leupold scopes have a lifetime warranty so even if you buy one second hand and it is faulty you can get it repaired for free (assuming it is a fault not damaged due to accident).

    I have bought several of these over the years, the most recent being a 'European' model for 300 at an arms fair.

    If buying off a certain online auction site beware of cheap Asian copies though...

    Good luck.

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    I've got a HAwke nite eye 6.5-20X50 if any good.

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    Hi, I am waiting for a scope to arrive from USA, so, hopefully within the next 2 weeks I will be be in a position to sell my 6.5x20x50 Zeiss Conquest if that is any good?

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