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Thread: Help needed to choose a scope

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    Help needed to choose a scope

    Right chaps, I'm looking into low mag scopes for my combi gun. As before I'd like to shoot it with open sights, but I'd like the option of a low mag quick release scope for it too. I can't afford a S&B, Zeiss etc so I'm looking at going cheaper. I need some advice on what's good! I think the best way is to list them with my opinion, then you can just point out your favourite and put me right!

    1. Simmons 8 point 1.5-5x32. Retails at about 80, Ramsbottoms has them for 30 ATM. I was considering it, but deep down I know the answer to this question already!

    2. Barska Huntmaster pro 1.5-6x42. Found one for 75. I've heard of Barska but can't remember whether it was good or bad. Don't know about this one?

    3. MTC Mamba 1.5-6x42 Illuminated. These are about 120. I know MTC are rated as reasonable so this is a serious contender.

    4. Vortex Crossfire 1.5-4x32. Again about 120. My Vortex Viper binoculars are very good for the cost - nearly as good as my mates Swarovski! I'm seriously considering this one too.

    5. Pentax Gameseeker 1.5-6x40. About 135. Well Pentax cameras are good so the optics should be clear. Didn't even know they made scopes! Nice crosshair.

    6. Swift Premier 1.5-4.5x32. About 150. Getting towards the top end of my budget with this one. I've heard of Swift but again can't remember good or bad!

    Deep down I'm set between the MTC, Pentax and the Swift because they have a nice crosshair. I'd like the Vortex but it has a weird reticule! The MTC is longer and has a 30mm tube so I'd have to buy new mounts. The Swift or Pentax look to be favourite but I'm open to advice (or rather looking for it!).

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    I use leupold scoutscope 2.5x and nikon 2.5x8 these are intermediate eye relief but with the proper mounts can be use conventionally. I have the leupold on a 458 win mag and the nikon on a 308. From those you mentioned I would stay away from the simmons as that model is budget and is unlikely to last.
    Good luck

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    I'm thinking of going for the Pentax. I read somewhere it's made by Burris and they offer an identical scope for 3x the price. They have good reviews either way.

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    a secondhand meopta may be in your price range and they are opticaly very good as im sure a lot of others would agree but i think there smallest scope is a 6x42 and you seem to like the look of variables

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    I've been looking at the MTC scopes recently for my air rifle..... I was impressed with the clarity of the image for the money , tried to order one from OpticsWarehouse, but they didn't have the reticule that I wanted (....after they'd made a birrova hash of my order anyway ).

    I'd be happy to stick one on my FAC air-rifle when I get it.... that space on my ticket keeps looking at me..... just need to get a planned house-move out of the way.... carpets, curtains and wallpaper are unnecessary extravagances aren't they??

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    I've been looking at the Hawke Nite Eye 1.5-6x44 illuminated dot around the 115.00 mark.
    The Hawke website says it's suitable for all calibres.

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    Re: Help needed to choose a scope

    how about nikon buckmaster or prostaff (are these the same?) Big brand, small price...

    I was going for a buckmaster (can't find the link now) until I got a good deal on a 2nd hand VX-II on this site. Worth checking the classifieds here a lot.

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    I'm actually quite annoyed at myself for missing a scope on the dreaded ebay. It was a Docter 1.5-6x42, sold for a smudge over 120

    Now that would have been a good buy, It was tatty externally but the glass was said to be perfect with no scratches. Just what I've been after really!

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    Good plan, buy a new scope for around 100 and save the other 200-400 for the ammunition required for the constant rezeroing and time spent looking for lost deer! Sorry to sound so cynical but I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me for advice about cheap scopes (and rifles) and I always say the same, the difference in price between a good one and a rubbish one is only three or four fallow carcasses at todays good venison prices. So, in answer to your original question, I suggest a low power variable Leupold or hold out for a 2nd hand Swarovski etc. JC

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    I have used opticswarehouse and found them to be very competative on price and efficient on delivery.

    I use a combination as well and have still not decided upon the best optic solution for it. It came with a good sight but I bought it for the rapid mounting and target aquisition that this kind of weapon can provide. I seem to remember that you have similar shooting requirments to me which is woodland and relatively short range. This requirement leads me to look at some form of red dot sight. Keep both eyes open and rapid acquisition should be achieveable. In addition you might not need to remove it for winged game.
    JC275 is right of course, there is a trade off. However if distance to target is modest then I cant see why this would not work.

    I intend to try it anyway.


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