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Thread: Will I score my first red since 1981 this weekend.

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    Will I score my first red since 1981 this weekend.

    I have a stalking opportunity, still to be confirmed but seems likely to go ahead, this weekend. Since I left professional stalking in 1981 I have not been back to the hill with anythng more lethal than the camera, Hopefully the venue will prove fruitful as it is in my price bracket and I need my three stalks in a location where I can have a reasonable chance of a score. There is little worth in paying for an AW if the deer are not going to play ball. Unfortunately I will have to use the .243 as with no big deer on the horizon before this opportunity arose I have not filled the slot for the .270. That may change on Monday. Nerves are gingling a bit already and a wee bit worried about the reasonably fit bit. Never mind, the deer are aon the hill all I have to do is find a way in. then drag the darned thing out if I get it. I will keep you posted,

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    Good Luck


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