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Thread: buying moderator on visitors cert

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    buying moderator on visitors cert

    Does anybody know if its possible to get an endorsement on a visitors firearm cert to allow purchase of a moderator? If yes would I have to give details in advance. I currently have a T8 which is entered as 'unknown ' on my UK and NI certs. Thanks. Ion

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    Depends on where you buy it. I bought a P8 off a guy who bought it new from an RFD for his air rifle. No ticket required when he bought it and no proof marks on the mod. Enter the "it's not recordable until it's put on a firearm" argument.

    Interestingly, the soup dragon gave herself a SAK mod for her rimmy and entered it onto her certificate on advice from FLO. on renewal she got a reminder note that she shouldn't write in the acquisition section, only the previous owner can do that. So now, how can one give onesself a mod as has been the case since time immemorial - well for a good few years anyway.

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    Simplest thing is a UK to Irish RFD transfer then it would become the 'unknown' sound moderator entered on my Visitors Firearm Certificate. I was hoping to be able to look at and or discuss various mods on my trip to UK next spring before making a purchase.

    Think I'll bounce it off BASC


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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
    Enter the "it's not recordable until it's put on a firearm" argument.

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    I've entered both a sound moderator which was previously off ticket and rifles which were purchased abroad on my FAC in the past. I was instructed to do so by my FEO.
    Once again seems like different forces different policies.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I'm pretty sure that, unlike a visitors shotgun permit which allows the holder to purchase a shotgun, a visitors firearm permit only allows the holder to be in possession of a firearm (generally the one they have brought with them) and to purchase ammunition for it. It does not allow the holder to purchase a firearm (or a moderator classed as a firearm).

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    Webley Boy, thanks. It looked like this was going to go off topic! That was my opinion based on reading the wording of my NI and UK permits . It appears that if I go the UK - Ireland RFD route , then both export and import licences are required. If I were in a position to make a personal purchase in NI or possibly mainland UK then it seems that I apply for personal import only, through Dept of Justice. At the moment I am looking at the NI route.

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