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Thread: piece bag

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    piece bag

    need a new piece bag for the hill what do you guys use ( most of the time it is left in the qaudbike but sometimes it is carried ).

    it cant be too bulky but needs to carrie lunch, spare bullets, knife and the other little bits and pieces you take to the hill.

    i was thinking somthing along the lines of this
    what do you think have you got any other sugestions

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    I use a oldish Brady fishing bag. It goes everywhere with me. Enough room for a couple of sandwiches, Bino's, a spare pair of socks, knife, ammo, a drag strap, a few extra rounds, latex gloves, wooly hat.

    It is a bit of a tardis actually, at the last count it has been in 9 countries.

    They are a bit expensive new, you can pick them up sometimes on ebay.

    Been thinking of getting a roe sack actually, but I would rather have a nice good quality used one than a new one.

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    I always feel uncomfortable with a daysack/rucksack, If I am going anywhere involving any distance work, I take an allen belt or a simple plce belt with a single molle pouch big enough for the first aid kit- orange bag- drag rope, anything else goes in the pockets.

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    Put as much or as little as you wish in it. Very good robust kit and indispensible when needing something dry to sit on.

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    Cabelas Bum bag for me but you won't go wrong with a Brady bag, the quality is outstanding. If you are on a tight budget then a HM Queen and Sons respirator pouch would also work well. JC

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    By far the safest way to carry equipment on rough or steep terrain is by rucksac or haversac, anything in otherwords with two straps. There is always the chance of a single strap fishing style bag swinging out and putting the wearer off balance on difficult terrain.


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    Another vote for the fishing bag. There are lots of sizes,handy pockets,often but not always waterproof and pretty good price range. I put a decent leather sling on mine for security and it shoves round to my back out of the way but can be pulled round for access unlike a rucksack.


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    Got a bum bag stile set up from a military shop in Hereford,

    Ad a belt and then just add on other pouches as you want.


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    I used to use a rucksack when ghilling, which is perfect as you need to carry more stuff, but now stalking everyday on the hill I just wanted to carry the bare essentials so started with a single strap old respirator bag. After the first day I chucked it in the shed as you can't crawl with it and it is always in the way when spying , etc.

    So, I got an Allen bum bag from target sports which is not too big or small, I can get my piece box and flask, first aid pouch, bullets, radio and rangefinder in it. It's fantastic, beats walking back miles to get your bag as you can't crawl with it, no waisted space and no weight on your shoulders.

    Just an idea, best 20 ever spent!


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    Bum bag for short days (I got a Life Adventure job for 15quid and it's great) but a rucksack for long days and long hikes.I stalk in the highlands over a fairly big chunk of ground so need water bladder, food, extra "emergency" kit plus all the usual bits and pieces. I got a Camelbak for normal days and a Badlands for winter days.

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