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Thread: Macmillan Tilkka 595 stock sporter barrel

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    Macmillan Tilkka 595 stock sporter barrel

    Hi all after a Macmillan 595 stock for a sporter weight barrel, I have a very tidy laminate stock if someone has one wanting to do a swap with cash ajust, please pm me if you have one or know of one, not bothered by colour either.


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    think BK, on here has one for sale, the guy with the great avatar! not sure if its for a heavy barrel though?

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    Thanks for the reply Dean already seen that one and it's varmint barrel which is a shame!

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    it wont make a difference being channelled for a varmint barrel.... actually better for free floating!!, bonus is when or if you decide to rebarrel the super 595 action you can choose a varmint or sporter barrel and keep the super McMillan!!
    I would give it a second thought if I were you, especially as mcmillans are very rare for the older tikkas

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    Yeah I Know where your coming from already have a varmint stock on my 6.5x47 but also have a 595 in a 17 fireball, which is in a sporter weight barrel, I dont really want massive gaps round the barrel tbh, and when I do have it rebarreled it will be in the same weight as do quite a bit of walking when foxing... I don't think I'll find one second hand if I want one I'll have to fork out for a new one, but thourght it's worth a ask

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    hi tuck, ive been looking on how you manage to order a mcmillan stock, tried to download there order form, do you have to order them through jackson rifles in this country, the website says they doing identical stock to factory synthetic for the sako 85 ss with sporter barrel, let me know how you get on please, thanks Dean

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