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Thread: Sako A2 advice

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    Sako A2 advice

    I am looking to buy a .308 as a second stalking rifle and have wondered about an old sako A2. I have read some of the other feeds on this what advice would others give. The rifle is priced around 600.



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    Purely depends upon condition,how many rounds have been shot through it, etc. It's a recession, regardless of what the govt say and dealers racks are full of 2nd rifles. It start negotiations around 400 for a good honest one.

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    Condition ............................. condition ................................ condition is what counts.

    I wonder how many people actually do really log the amount of ammunition fired through a particular rifle?

    I can almost work it on on a couple through my hand loading log for one or two but where there is more than one rifle in the chambering it's not possible.

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