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Thread: which torch ?

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    which torch ?

    hi all hope you all had a good christmas,been looking at getting another shooting lamp something to punch out a good way.wanted to know if any one has used a fandyfire stl-vs or the supbeam k40 or the supbeam l255-l2 you thoughts on any of these would help.many thanks

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    Olight m3x for spotting and a 4greer rangemaster on the scope, they both reach out to 350 yards.
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Forgot to say I started off with a fandyfire stl-vs and it only lasted about a month or so,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Olight M22 Warrior on top of your scope is astonishing.
    I bought one from a lad on here and it's the best torch / lamp I've ever
    used .. will pick up fox eyes at over 350 yards.
    Highly recommended.

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    sheepherder (190884458984 ) or Nightsearch commander zoom, both same Different branded. Do not get a cheep copy ! eeeek !

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    Hi I use a deben tracer led ray tactical 800, beam says 250m but it's around 225m ish. Still it works for me.

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    The Lupine is 4500 Lumens. That is truly staggering.... as is the price though at 800!

    I thoroughly recommend Fenix TK75. 2900 Lumens which is about 50% brighter than typical car headlights. It completely swamps my (very muddy) discovery headlights. About 150 plus 4 batteries. You can easily see fox eyes at 700 yards, possibly further. I can identify rabbits at 200 yards with it using a top end scope.
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    One consideration before getting an aspheric with a pencil beam: I have a couple of DEFTs, I forget the specific models. One's a big lump, the other readily mounted on the scope. They create a beam of light visible from the side. When scope mounted or held anywhere nearby, the view from the scope is looking down through this tunnel of hundreds of yards of reflected moisture + dust etc. The only way to overcome this that I have found is, when possible, to have someone else move a few feet away from me with the torch, so that the convergence of the beam and the scope 'beam' happens as far away as possible. I'm contemplating making a remote control pan/tilt pencil beam spotlight to sit on the roof.
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    Nitecore srt7 is an excellent torch, little bit more distance than the olight m22 I have one surplus if your interested? Give me a pm.

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    thank you all for all your input there seems to be a huge aray of good lamps out there now, have gone for a dereelight xseacher found one in good old u.s.a. way cheaper than here, same old story.some one will now tell me they are a load of rubbish and that i should have brought so and so,lets hope thats not the case.hope you all have a good 2014

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