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Thread: Can somebody turn the taps off???

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    Can somebody turn the taps off???

    ...and so, there I was looking forward to a trip up to the Lake District to take to the hill in pursuit of a suitable cull beastie or two .

    So far, so good.

    And then came the recent rain of biblical proportions...... You know the weekend that Workington found itself underwater? I was supposed to be going up to the North Lakes on the Monday, so it wasn't all that surprising to get a phone call advising there was the small matter of 4 feet of water interrupting plans .

    Obviously I was disappointed, but let's keep a sense of perspective here: I had to rearrange a day's stalking, some people had their homes, businesses and in some cases lives devastated.

    I managed to rearrange for the 7th (yesterday) down to a cancellation, so Sunday saw kit being gathered, alarm set, flask stood next to kettle.

    So far so good.

    25 mins away from home yesterday morning, I got a call advising gale force winds and MORE torrential rain.... As it was likely to prove a futile journey, we agreed to can it once more....

    You wouldn't think that the sky could hold so much rain - the stalker is thinking of asking Santa for a submarine....

    Work commitments mean I'm not going to be able to squeeze a trip in this side of Christmas, and in January we're (hopefully) moving house which will consume time and cash in equally large portions . Could be Feb before things settle down enough to try and sort summat out, but the freak weather is just one of those things!!

    (...still a bit of a bugger though!)

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    sorry to hear about your trip, bit of an inconviance,but theres always another day.
    we are used to a lot of rain here in the lakes, but what we have had lately is shocking, the rivers are still on flood warnings now, never seen anything like it.
    bunch of soggy no stalking or shooting cac rain

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