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    Deer park

    Hi all,here is something for you to read.)))
    In 2011 me and my shooting partner start looking in to deer farming we finde a 12 acre field in the middle of 80 acre wood we have permission to shoot.So we cleared our idea with the land owner,he give us green light for it.
    So we start looking for some live stock around us,and slowly building the fencing,we wanted to make it very strong so we put in every two metrs 3 inc posts and every 30 metrs we had telegraph post in all in for fencing,posts and renting digger and other staf was about 3700 GBP excluding our time and work.We finished it in just under 11 month time on 29 of October we bought 16 red hinds and master stag,he was about 10 years old the hinds about 5-8 years old.
    Over the winter we pay out a lot of money to feed them,and in the spring we had 10 extra calves.The owner called us up and wanted to have a talk about rent price.
    He asked for 3500 GBP per year for 12 acer field.We can't afford that,so we start looking for another option but there was a problem we didn't have money for another fencing so we asked landowner to come down a bit in rent price and he did up to 2500 GBP still to much.
    So we start looking to sell the deer,we didn't want to cull them but that was the case we get a good money for the stag 22 points and we just make our money back on hinds and calves all vent like venison to game dealer.((((
    So a good leson for everyone always clear rent price befor start anything,if you don't have lifter only buy Fallow deer,the reed just to have to hendle and don't do it by your self,good partner is the key.
    And on top of all The landowner have a fenced field as the back rent.(((((
    I hope that is something interesting for you guys.
    Sorry for my English,Iam russian.

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    Seems you placed an awfull lot on trust instead of a business contract.

    Hard lesson mate..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    The landowner has shot himself in the foot there really, asking too much and getting no on-going income. Perhaps you could suggest to him that you pay him a normal rent for a field of that size, which will be a small fraction of what he's asking and negotiate a percentage of the profit you make on the venture. Or is it too late to start talking written contracts now?

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    Sorry to hear of the parks demise ,as you have said easy with fallow and better to look at in my op ,the landowner sounds like a wally anyway crazy rent unless yr horse people .we look after a small park with an annual cull of only 10/15 animals but it's an unusual side to deer management not to alls liking but I enjoy it a lot so I feel for you as it was yr own park whereas we only look after "ours" .
    kind regards

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    That is the problem Trust in our days is the empty word.

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    The owner just to wanted one payment in one go,one's a year.He could have steady income for 10-15 years of 100-120 quid a month.But that wasn't enough.

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    Norma308,it is a very nice hobby.I was there every day watching them and I felt like I have build something grate.
    Horse people wouldn't pay that money,the field didn't had anything,there was no water,electric or a proper drive to it.
    The most frustrating thing in the end of October we finde a 10 acre field and made the contract for 5 years just for 1 quid a year and maintenance of the land.

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