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Thread: New guy from the States.....

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    New guy from the States.....

    Hi all! New guy on board here! I'm a retired Forester that stays busy these days hunting, fishing, traveling and working on our 40 acre tree farm in the Ozark mountains.

    I signed on here because as a whole, hunters are an interesting lot regardless of where they live or hunt...and the internet is a great way to learn about hunting in other places! Who knows, one of these days I may do some exploring in the UK...


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome indeed Zee,

    I am glad to see you on a forum once more. Still chasing those big river cats?

    Are you still building rifles as well? It's been many years since I last saw you on a forum.

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    Welcome! I understand you have a little duck shooting in your part of the world

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    Welcome to SD.
    Patrick Reynecke (Bushwack Safaris)
    Mobile:+27 82 773 4099

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    Thanks all for the cordial welcome!

    Brithunter...good to catch up with you looks like this forum is a good place for us to reconnect!

    Scrumbag...Yep..we have loads of ducks and geese right now...and the shotgunning friends of mine are doing their best to reduce the waterfowl numbers! I used to duck hunt, but my retriever passed on years ago and my favorite hunting spots got bought up and turned into duck clubs... so my shot gunning pretty much stopped at least for ducks and geese.... The deer get my attention these days!

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    Ah that's a shame Zee!

    What else do you hunt with the smoothbore?

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    scrumbag...I have a female feist that hunts squirrels...she and I have a good time treeing those little buggers..and since most of the time it is just me and the dog, I use my 20ga to blast the squirrels, more often than not they are on the run when I finally get them located in the tree. I shot a few on the last trip up to our tree enough for a feed, and they are tasty if prepared properly.

    Also do a bit of turkey hunting in the spring...calling in gobblers and the 12ga finishes the job... Turkey hunting is a lot of fun..the birds are vocal and it is a challenge to get one in close enough for a shot. That time of year the dogwoods and redbud are blooming...and the forest is coming back to life. It is a great time to be in the woods, and usually I use it as an excuse to camp out with an old friend and to do a bit of scouting for deer hunting as well.


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    Ah, squirrel blatting, a noble and worthy pass time!

    I have seen turkey hunting on youtube and is indeed intriguing especially for us over the pond who just tend to hunt moving targets with the shot gun.

    Be great to hunt in North America one day, another to add to the list.


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