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    Just got this chap back from the taxidermist,very happy with the job


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    looks good 8)

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    Looks very good where did you get it done ?

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    Thats a beauty nell..

    As asked above would be good to now who did the mount for you..

    Hoping to be lucky with IanF and little Jo this weekend for my first CWD



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    Colin scott of Border taxidermy studios in Hawick carried out the work,i've never seen him turn out a bad job,my mate and i often go in for a nosey to see whats new.Always made to feel welcome and good for a blether Colin has a great knowledge of wildlife which im sure goes a long way to turning out the quality work that he does..

    That should get me a bit of discount off the next job

    All true


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    Good looking beast and well mounted too.

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    Very nice, im hopeing to get a CWD shoulder mounted as i have now had a few CIC gold medals

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