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Thread: Deflection.

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    After getting into the seat before first light me and a shoot helper called Sid were waiting in the 2 man high seat (you know which one fallowmoor).
    As light crept in around us it revealed a light rolling mist coming of the brook behind us. Visibility was about 120m good enough as that was the length of the ride ahead of us.
    Knowing the was a Buck and a barren doe in here we were waiting for the old girl to show.
    My new video camera at the ready Sid had my finlight we felt confident.
    1 3/4 s of an hour later nothing but rabbits pheasants and a single squirrel had come past the seat.
    We had seen a single deer cross the field of to our left in the mist but it never came near to see what it was.
    THE VIEW FROM THE SEAT.(in the morning mist)


    Anyways we dropped down the seat and began to stalk the wood edge hoping to see deer sunning themselves in the margins.
    A great commotion erupted as pheasants betrayed our presence and 100ms from where we'd been sat the buck in new velvet and the old doe ran out into the field.
    Dropping to our knees I readied the sticks as the deer stood looking at breeze unsure.
    Sid passed the rifle to me saying they were to far. By this time the deer were running again parallel to our position Standing again I rested the crosshairs on the doe's chest she was broadside.
    Releasing the trigger the shot was away she bucked once ran 20m's stood wobbled and fell dead. 180m ish.
    Gathering her up it was a good lung shot BUT on turning her over some of her intestines were hung out of an exit towards her back end.
    Puzzled I gralloched her the shot pummeling her lung and then changing course and raking length wise.
    I photoed the evidence of this for your inspection.
    I assure you she was stood almost perfect broadside and the bullet hit the middle of a rib on the entry obviously deflecting the bullet.
    This is the second time this year I have witnessed such a deflection.

    Sid and breeze posing with the doe.




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    What bullet/calibre were you using?

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    I suspect this was a fast round with a light bullet - probably came off a rib on the way in and turned backwards. I have had it happen occasionally when I'm shooting with a .243/100grain combination, much less usual with a bigger round. Although it's a nuisance it's nothing unusual, and the important thing is that the animal is down.

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    I had it with a muntjac not long ago. Deer was properly broadside, good chest shot and the bullet exited through the web of skin on the inside of the far haunch, taking much of the guts with it.

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    I had this the other year, the bullet entered perfectly on a broadside buck, I never found an exit wound, the bullet was found under the skin by the rump.

    can only think it turned on a bone.

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    Yorkie, Similar to 75. Muntjac broadside. Bullet entreing and striking a rib, then travelling the full length, grazing the underside of the spine, finally bedded in the far haunch.

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    Another one with the same experience..

    Out with Sako85 on the munties..

    Good entry but turned and was found in the gralloch lodged in the spine..

    Cracking piece of ground by the looks of it and a good write up mate



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    Another with munty. 308...125gnbt. In at shoulder, out at back end having dragged green though the back leg. As a friend said, bullets travel very fast and will sometimes do weird things. The main thing is ....dead!!!

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    Dont think it would have happened with your 7mm John, Reckon that would have been through it and gone before the bullet had a chance to turn



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