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Thread: Sika and roe deer stalking available (Scottish Borders)

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    Sika and roe deer stalking available (Scottish Borders)

    Rare and exciting opportunity: 1 place available from April 2014 for challenging sika and roe deer stalking in the Scottish Borders.
    The area covers approx 3000 acres of hill ground with a couple of small pockets of woodlands.
    Strong population of sika deer present.
    Also included is grouse shooting.
    Serious enquiries only.
    Please PM me for more details.

    *** Minimum of DSC1, Insurance and a high standard of professional conduct will be required ***


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    sounds like a great oppertunity for some one !

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    pm sent

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    Hmmmm.... perhaps more details of this syndicate place ought to be given before people start handing their hard earned cash over. For example.... how many syndicate members are there? how many are local to the ground? has there been an out of season license and night shooting license issued on the ground and if so who are the authorised people ? Why is someone else advertising the lease on the lease holders behalf?.........

    Relevant questions and some which should be asked by anyone who is thinking of joining any syndicate North of the border.

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    Disappointed this has descended into a brawl. I have removed the fighting and am closing the thread. If the actual leaseholder (not his friend as per rules) wishes to re advertise this syndicate then please do, however might I suggest that you include the information you will inevitably be asked regarding numbers of guns, expected cull etc.

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