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Thread: Intuders/poachers

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    I have been shooting the same farm night and day for rabbit and fox for the last five years [not a deer stalker yet ] .on my last night shoot just before christmas everthing was going fine a few rabbits and a dog fox , on my rounds i decided to stop on the edge of one of two woods for a coffee break as there is a shed to shelter from the weather and can shoot from it if needed . As i was have coffee i spotted two guys in the woods with rifles [night vision binos] didnt know what to do make a noise ? shout ? maybe they would have shot in my direction . what should i have done they had no right to be there i am the only one with shooting rights from the land owner ,its is not land that is leased out .
    I lit up the edge of the woods where i was with a powerfull lamp that could be seen for miles slowly moving the light to where they were and they had scarpered , i found a couple of dead rabbits so they were obviously poaching . What is the correct corse of action never come accross this before , should i have approached them if so what then an argument ? possible violence ? call the police ? by the time they had got here they would have been well gone . how can i disscourage this happening as the must be local blokes think i got a look at what may have been there truck . and keeping a look out for it again but what can i do if i spot it ? very concerned they shoot something i get the blame for later , as i have a strict understanding with the farmer what i shoot and what i dont .

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    Call the police and leave, depending on the time phone the landowner.
    Approaching them is a big no no.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    First thing to do is to inform the farmer to cover yourself.
    Then the police as I am unsure how you would stand should you attempt any form of intervention as I believe that to make any sort of arrest you must be the landowner,tenant,or agent of the forementioned?
    If you are on your own always wait for some sort of backup if you find you are allowed to take any form of action

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    Stay put, observe & phone police

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    As above I would speak to the farmer and explain the situation and maybe he can keep an eye out too. Depending how serious they are the fact you disturbed them with the lamp may be enough to keep them away.

    Let the local police know so they can maybe keep an eye out for you too. I think its important for them to know you are around frequently.

    Good luck

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    I think I would have lit them up instantly instead of moving the torch slowly along the wood. They would have known/suspected that you had NV then and I doubt that you would have seen them again. Also would have tried to get the VRN and reported that to the police too! lots of other good advice already.

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    Thanks guys , my main concern was confrontation with firearms , i informed the farmer/landowner the following morning and its the first instance he can recall , i suppose its good who ever it was now knows someone is out on the land late at night , might consider a buddy for late nights in future . informed the local police next day all they were concerned with was me letting them know when i was out night shooting ,i suppose if this going to happen again it might make sense . although im not happy calling in every time i want to go out shooting . i think if they had come my way i would have retreated to the car and called the police .

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    All good advice, cover your back and inform the landowner/police. It just isn't worth approaching them, putting yourself in danger for a couple of rabbits! Of course any descriptions, vehicle registration numbers or even just types/description of vehicles are good to pass on.

    Hopefully you'll have scared them off for good.

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    We had a truck lamping on our land before Christmas, I phoned the land owner and he confirmed they should not be there. Then phoned the Police and reported the truck and the fact they where armed with rifles and shots had been fired !

    ARV was there within 20 min and caught them red handed ! The ARV chap then called me on my mobile and I asked what they had shot, 10 rabbits was his reply ! That's funny there are hardly any rabbits on the farm, DO they have long legs and white on the back of their large ears I asked ?
    Yes !
    Informed them of the game Act and killing Hares at night

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    We suffer badly with poaching on my farm. As has already been said I keep a low profile and call the police although reponse is always variable. Now
    when lamping I tend to take this with me.....
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