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Thread: Redding Big Boss II

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    Redding Big Boss II

    For sale is my Redding Big Boss II, in as close to new condition as is possible for a press that has loaded less than a couple of hundred rounds.
    The only marks are under the mounting bolt heads (will be covered by bolt head/washer), I have tried to show these in a picture.
    It comes complete with all the paperwork including a basic reloading book, with data for Hodgdon, IMR & Winchester powder, also a
    VihtaVuori Reloading Guide (edition 10), the press instructions and the Lifetime Warranty card, along with a 2012 Redding Catalogue.
    Pess is in it's original box.
    I'm selling it only because it is far to big for my very small and far to low loading bench, which has been an issue since I bought it.
    I should have just carried on using the old Lyman Spartan press I had. Lol
    The new price is 175 + shipping.
    I am looking for 150 or close offer, including shipping, payment by bank transfer, or pay-pal if you cover the fee's.
    (if you collect I will discount by the cost of the shipping) Press is now boxed and ready to post.
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    Hi there Hornet 6 the press kit still for sale, by any chance ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by therealist View Post
    Hi there Hornet 6 the press kit still for sale, by any chance ?
    Yes it is, had a couple of low ball offers, but not close enough to sell yet.
    I'm having problems actually getting online at the moment, thanks to BT so any messages are best by e-mail as my phone still works ok.


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    New press is now here (cheers, Spud)

    Now 150 or close offer with shipping included., as I really don't have room to keep a spare press in the front room.

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    Sold to an SD member at asking price, less postage as it was collected.
    Thanks for the offers folks, sorry if you were one of those who were disappointed.


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