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Thread: what calibre

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    what calibre

    i am thinking of changing my 308 but am unsure of what calibre to go to, could anyone give me advice on the merits of 270,30.06, 6.55x55,300wsm,etc.

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    Bambi Basher
    Hi Wirehair (ps do you have one?)

    Depend what you are doing with your rifle, bit more info' on what and were you are shooting and I am sure you will get loads of advice.


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    What ever you do dont buy a swede!!!!!!! I know a lad who has 1 and he also is looking to change to a 308

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    Depends on why you are thinking of changing your .308.

    How about a 6.5-08? Should do all you ask and more besides.

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    I too changed from a .308. Although I owned it for decades and it did the job, I never loved it. When trying to decide which calibre to plump for, I was looking for less recoil (much less if possible) and something I could love.

    I whittled down to:

    6.5x55SE Which will lay low anything the UK.
    .25-06 Which will lay low anything the UK.
    7mm-08 Which will lay low anything the UK.

    I chose the 6.5x55SE because it's such a sweetie to shoot, and has such a huge range of bullet weights (although I'll just start with factory 140gr).

    Because a lot of SERIOUS and knowing stalkers use the Swede and so much positive press has appeared about it, both here, and in the States, there is an inevitable back-lash from some folks. I would just say - TRY ONE. If you don't fall in love with this calibre, you probably don't actually have a heart, but simply a half-brick on a piece of string, swinging from side to side. My experience with it in the field is NIL. But, I loosed off at the range over a morning, and it's a revelation.

    My Sako 75 Hunter has arrived, and it feels absolutely RIGHT. Now, others may know what I mean here. It feels as if it has always been with me: almost an extension of my arm. If it shoots straight, and kills as cleanly as I'm sure it will, then this will be MY rifle, and MY calibre for the rest of my stalking days.

    Changing rifles is like changing wives: expensive, and uncertain. Try the shortlist at the range, and choose something you can love. That's it, and all about it.

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    Bambi Basher
    Now Now chaps wait until you know what Wirehair wants to do with his rifle before you give advice, and recommend you pet calibre. That way you can give objective advice. For the record I too used to be a .308 user.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bambi Basher
    For the record I too used to be a .308 user.

    Some of us still are.

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    I would just like to echo Bambi Bashers sentiments... calibre choice is about choosing the right tool for a job that suits the individual... I use a 243 and 270,and have done for years... they work for me. I know people who use 6.5*55, 308 and 30-06's... not my cup of tea... cannot say why they just do not feel as comfortable But all perfectly adequate for there owner and perfectly adequate at knocking over beasts...

    I would just recommend that Wirehair tries as many calibres as possible and selects the one which is offers the most confidence when taking aim!



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    this must be everyones favourite.

    I would stick with .308 or .30-06.

    they are good for all deer you will see in the uk and also for the occassional pig. you can get loads of bullet choice. recoil is not really an issue for me becuase i only take 1 or 2 shots a stalking trip and when i have a beast in the cross hairs it doesn't matter - i don't feel the recoil.

    swamp boy

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    C'mon give us a clue, what do you intend to use it for? Will it be a deer only gun or will you be trying to use it as an all rounder?


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