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Thread: Strobe light for quarry location

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    Strobe light for quarry location

    Something I've found a use for if the light is going and you have to leave a shot deer in-situ in a heavily wooded area while you fetch the vehicle/carcase extraction equipment.

    Place it on the carcase or hang it from a tree/bush and it will guide you back.

    Available on eBlag or Amazon for around 15 - compact, waterproof and often incorporate a torch as scuba divers use them.

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    A similar, smaller item is included in the B.A.S.C. Arran safety kit. handy to carry being quite light (no pun intended)

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    How big are they then? 'Cos the one I've got is only about 4" long.

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    Orion, yours appears to be a combination torch & strobe unit, whereas the one I mentioned is just a strobe unit.

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    What about an LED cycle light.

    Small, light, and in Poundland they only cost......... well, I will let you guess!


    Ian :0)

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    Good idea. They might not be as bright though and possibly uni-directional? The divers type strobes give a very high intensity flash around 360 degrees - most incorporate a decent torch function as well, so that's handy even if only as a back-up.

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    you could try one of these....i have it for Bilbo if we are working in the dark and I want to know where he is. It can be seen from a good 800 yards away, if not more. Think i got this from a pet shop? It has a strobing led fed by a watch battery.


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