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Thread: There's a new pup in Stanley.

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    There's a new pup in Stanley.

    ......this is Stanley!!

    He is a 10-week old Bedlington Terrier, we picked him up yesterday, and he is my wife's dog. He is not destined to be working dog - wife's dog - but I may have mentioned to her that I would quite like another dog later in the year....... So not a deer dog as such I'm afraid, more of a 'dog, dear?'

    I reckon he looks a bit like mischief looking for somewhere to happen.......

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    Nice looking pup!
    Good luck with the new family member
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    He is a lovely looking pup, If I was to have a terrier it would be a Bedlington. Good luck!

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    Try him on deer, you might be surprised!! my mate has a bedlington lurcher that he uses to find find deer and he works a treat!!

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    Nice looking pup, good luck with him..

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    Lovely looking pup, I like Bedlingtons

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    Topper!!! Love beddies, hope you have lots of fun together.

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    Great dogs Bedlington Terriers had one many moons ago wolves in sheep's clothing!
    He is a cracking looking pup enjoy

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    A really sweet looking pup, regards sbm

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    Quote Originally Posted by seibassman7 View Post
    A really sweet looking pup, regards sbm
    Here's my Bedlington and she has a good a nose as any dog, she will find a earwig in a pile of logs.

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