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Thread: Success ratio

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    Success ratio

    Good morning chaps,

    what sort of success ratio do you guys have? I am very new to stalking, completed my DSC1 in September and I am still looking for my first deer.

    I have been on four paid stalks now:

    first stalk for muntjac, saw about 8 but no opportunity of a safe shot

    second stalk, roe - only saw out of season does

    third stalk, roe - no safe shot on the one doe seen

    fourth stalk, fallow - didn't see a single deer.

    These as were all with estate rifles, I now have my own .243 and am desperate to get my first deer of any species lol! I know it's just a case of putting the time in and I am still looking hard for some permission for stalking local to me as paid stalking is getting beyond my limited budget.

    how long did it take to get your first deer?


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    I was very, very lucky - got into a syndicate and on my very first stalk managed to get a buck within the hour.
    Since then I've had mixed success sometimes very quick in succession other times there's a famine.

    Don't get disheartened keep at it and you'll get your first beast and hopefully won't look back.

    Best of luck.


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    Was very lucky and got a deer (muntjac) on each of my first 2 stalks. These were with muntjacstalker off here who I would not hesitate to recommend (loads of deer on his land and not overpriced).

    since then the strike rate is probably between 30%and 50% for paid stalking. I also have been lucky enough to pick up a little bit of woodland stalking which is not overly productive but is still around 1 deer every 3 visits ish.

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    It's like anything wild no dead cert unless you want to come and shoot a park deer ! I've gone into double figures with a blanks at certain times of year with little on the in season list .
    keep plugging away I guess it's more pressure if you're paying for a guided outing but we all go through blank or bad luck times .
    good luck in your quest for your 1st deer

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    I was very lucky in that I went to Chris at Euston estates for my first stalk - I had a roe doe in the bag within about 20 minutes of leaving the car. Of course, at the time I didn't really appreciate how lucky I had been!

    Since then, on paid stalks and stalking by myself, I've of course learnt that it's not that easy!

    What I would say is that it is worth going out with someone who has a decent number of deer on their ground (and different bits of ground that they can take you to), even if they might be slightly more expensive / further away.(Not that I know who you have already been out with of course - maybe you have just been unlucky)

    Paul at the corinium range, who posts on here as HME isn't a million miles from you and would be a good bet. Further afield, Ian Farrington (IanF) and Sikamalc are both good guys as well.

    You've just got to keep plugging away I'm afraid!

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    I remember my first deer but can't remember the run up to it.

    Success ratio depends on so many things but the factors that cast the odds more in your favour are arguably number of deer on the ground, knowledge of the ground and experience. Good luck with your search for a permission. Once you have it, getting out on the ground, watching and learning the habits of deer will help you.

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    Success ratio depends on many things, species sex etc.
    and one can have blank periods if I take an average over a season( your four outings is not really enough to base an average on ) for Roe I expect an average of 50% success rate or every second outing if, you prefer on Reds(open hill ) would expect to do considerably better than that.

    Cost wise you may find getting your own ground does not work out any cheaper unless its close at hand and you can afford to spend a lot of time on it.

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    Where are you Oscarsdad ? Meriden or near ?
    At least you have seen deer on your outings except for the fallow trip and to be honest fallow movements can not always be predicted even by the most experienced guide.
    Send me a pm with your contact details and if we can organise it I'll take you out on my ground to see if we can get you your first successful stalk completed and off to a good good start for 2014. If you are in "the centre" you won't be too far away !


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    I was extremely lucky that on my first outing after getting my FAC I bagged a muntjac........turned out to be a gold medal too..... Oops! Slightly upset the estate who'd told me to shoot munties on site as was their policy, I dont think they were expecting me to bump into a monster though!
    But in all seriousness, it all comes down to circumstances, local deer numbers, field craft, and above all else, luck! Don't get down hearted, I can go weeks or even months blanking on my reds, then they catch you out when you least expect it, it's part of the fun, and will just build up the excitement for you when it does happen!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Something every time I go out .

    It may not be deer or have a heart beat at all it called a school day, it is the only way of gaining the valued experience ,to at least answer some of the questions, you'll never be here long enough to gain everything you would like to know.

    To answer your question there are no averages or percentages, ratios or anything else in the deer world, times of the year, the way the wind is blowing, the cycle of the moon, time of day the list can go on and on as above, know your ground throughout the year seasons, weathers etc will give you that advantage .

    But above all go out and enjoy the day its not all about pulling the trigger .

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