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Thread: Ase utra jet z WANTED

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    Ase utra jet z WANTED

    Hi everyone, I'm after one of the above, prefer the compact model over the CQB. Spec needs to be :-

    18x1 thread
    as low a round count as poss
    as good condition as poss

    im based in kent,


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    You are restricting your potential considerably by the request for an 18x1.

    I waited a very long time for an 18x1 to show and they do not seem to come onto the radar that often.

    I ended up buying an ASE Utra Jet Z in half inch UNF 20 then sending it the importer to swap out the bushing to an 18x1. I think it was 40 quid but it cuts the time line down considerably.

    I also have the original bushing too so if I resell, I have a very common bushing and a rarer one so making it potentially more attractive.

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    Cheers mate, I new you could change them, but even finding a 1/2x is proving difficult !! Found a couple but not cheap enough to warrant the cost of the thread change.

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