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Thread: Where to get game tags?

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    Where to get game tags?

    I know this has been asked before - I've searched the posts and have found a couple of mentions of this but no actual solution. I'm lookingb to source some game tags as I'm hoping to have some deer carcases to pass on to my local game dealer this season. I've had a look through BASC's site but can't find anything. The other mention in the other threads was 'NGO', but I can't find a website and a Google search just gets me loads of hits on computer games!

    Can anyone point me to somewhere I can download or buy appropriate game tags?



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    Those look a bit fiddly to me.

    I bought a load of BASC ones @ 5 per 50. Real easy to use and qucik delivery.
    Phone BASC's keepering dept and ask for them.

    Otherwise NGO sell the sticky ones.

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    NGO = National Gamekeepers Organisation.

    You'll need to give them a ring for carcass tags as their on-line purchasing is a bit creaky still. The number is 01833 660869.

    Hope this helps,


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    Fantastic as always, guys!



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    Or, if you're tight like me you can use sheets of sticky labels and print them off yourself with the computer. Or, if i'm honest, get the Estate secretary to do it! JC

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    I got some from NGO, the same as Adamant

    About a tenner for 100 delivered


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    Perhaps i am lucky as my dealer supplies them FOC when i deliver a deer.
    Just fill them out when i arrive.

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    Have you asked your game dealer?
    He collects directly from my larder and leaves me new tags as I need them!

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