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Thread: Tracer roof lamp

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    Tracer roof lamp

    I'm thinking of fitting a roof lamp to my pickup,are they easy to do,I know there prone to leaking but I can put up with that,are tips boys? Cheers nemo
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    Had one on 2 of my trucks, pretty handy and doesn't leak if you do the rubber seal right. The biggest bit is tidying all the cables up.
    I also found I was driving and lamping while my mates where shooting.
    But i would fit one again because it was handy.

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    +1, The hard part is trying to hide the cables and making it look a decent job. I have one on the landy and one on the gator and never had a problem with leaking. I did compliment the rubber seals on the base and bolts etc with a liberal amount of clear silicone which seems to have helped

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    Iv had mine fitted for a couple of years now, I routed the cables from the cigarette lighter behind the footwell front passenger up the pillar same side inside the roof lining insulation, all hidden, mine leaks ever so slightly when it's torrential but doesn't bother me to much. It's the 52mm hole that's the daunting part as there's no going back then lol, my vehicle is Isuzu truck I use the 150mm one because the roof is quite low but I know defenders are better with the 170mm version slightly longer. On the roof I put a water proof plug so I can take the lamp on and off so can't be stolen and the connection is water tight. If you need any other help let me know I can get some photos to you somehow or give you a bell. It will transform your vermin control and make you depend on no one as you can do all single handed good luck bud.

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