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Thread: Bf Goodrich

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    Bf Goodrich

    Could any one tell me how wide a bf all terrain tyre I can fit on mk 5 hilux steel rims,16" that is cheers boys nemo
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    I don't know the specific answer your dealer should though. Go for the BFG mud terrains, you won't regret it, I've had both.

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    Dunno without looking it up, but unless it's to look "manly" as wide as legally possible is often not the most effective footprint off road.
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    cant stickout past wheel arches its an mot fail apart from that whatever size will fit dont go to big it will drive like crap better off sticking to standard size

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    Quote Originally Posted by prometheus View Post
    I don't know the specific answer your dealer should though. Go for the BFG mud terrains, you won't regret it, I've had both.
    I'd second that the AT's don't come close and the MT's don't make much noise on the road,offroad they are brilliant.

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    should be a plate in the drivers door jam with the tire size or in the owners manual. If you want to go bigger, you've got to keep the same circumference to keep the speedometer correct and maybe other things as far as the computer goes (??)... Either do the monkey math or ask a tire dealer... Can prolly just google it also....

    good luck

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    Forgot to say the width will probably be governed by your steering lock.

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    If I remember rightly bfg don't do M/T in exactly the right size so you either have to go narrow or go to a wider imperial size. I went narrow but wish I had gone for wider as they do cut wheelings.

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    I put 225/75/16 BFG ATS on my 04 Hilux . more or less a one for one swap from 205 / 80 / 16 original fitment , has had no effect on handling or steering lock

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    Check with your insurers first sometimes a change from original equipment size tyres can void insurance in the event of a claim.


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