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Thread: Disgusting Behaviour

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    Disgusting Behaviour

    I really cannot believe so called 'hunters' would actually pay to participate in this and actually be proud of themselves.

    No wonder the antis think we are all sicko's. Place should be shut down.

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    Totally agree. It would appear to me to be a very thin and under weight Whitetail buck as you can clearly see the pelvis. It certainly looks to be emaciated.

    Going by the looks of all of them I very much doubt they would survive a stalk on a Red Deer on a scottish mountain side, and I also see they were dressed for the occasion wearing flip flops!!
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    why would you put that on youtube? there are some shocking videos from razor ranch if you look

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    I half expected to see a rope tethering it to the tree!!!!!!
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Do you think that was some more ( freindly ) fire tipical rednecks.

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    dear god that is truly awful having had a quick look at the other clips it looks as if that place is filled with old geriatric semi domesticated animals and rambos are let loose to shoot at them judging by the comments on youtube the rest of the world things the same of as the posters here
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    It is easy to see that the Razor Ranch is a high fence deer operation. Put and take deer killing, like shooting fish in a barrel. Pathetic video that is certainly a dis-service to all the hunting community. It is easy to see that the deer was not healthy, and was malnourished... Anyone that participates in something like that is not a 'hunter'.

    It is hard to believe that with all the opportunities we have for hunting here in the States that there are individuals that choose to participate in something like this for sake of saying they shot a 200" buck.
    Fortunately, the percentage of flip-flop wearing, rifle toting, slobs that call themselves hunters is very, very small...and I know a lot of rednecks(that are ethical hunters) that would take offence with being lumped in with those slobs!


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    Don't know the full ins and outs but why did the deer just stand there?
    It looks like it was holding its back right leg...was it injured?
    if so then its an entirely different ball game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    Totally agree. It would appear to me to be a very thin and under weight Whitetail buck as you can clearly see the pelvis. It certainly looks to be emaciated.
    Thought the same thing Malc, its back end looks like a dairy cow poor thing. The whole thing is awful.

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    wtf sick tossers it needed putting down but on film was not the way to deal with it dumb f*****

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