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Thread: Try and Try again

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    Try and Try again

    Has no one in the South (ideal world Salisbury area but willing to travel) got a slot for a single stalker looking to shoot purely for the freezer and willing to meet up for a chat and see how we get along
    im willing to offer the going rates And respect others
    im hoping that this might not just fall on deaf ears and im hoping to get somewhere with this however im not getting good vibes to be honest
    please feel free to PM me
    kind regards

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    Gaz, sorry to say this mate, but it's been said many times before, join the are on a stalking forum, where there are hundreds of other members in the same boat as you SD is a great place for buying advertised stalking , and yes occasionally a lease or syndicate will pop up, but you are one small fish in a very over crowded pond on here, as has also been said before, you are far better off knocking on doors.
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    It's hard to find a spot in a syndicate but they do come up now & again. You do seem to be limiting your already small chances by narrowing your area down. There was a thread on here a while ago about how far people drive to their stalking areas, I drive 3 hours each way and that is nothing compared to many.
    I wish you all the best and hope something comes up for you.

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    Same for me 3 hours each way but it has to be done .

    All the best Martin to you and your family .will will have to try and meet up in the new year ?..

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    Same here just short of 3 hours each way but it has to be done .

    All the best Martin to you and you family for 2014 .may be we can meet up in the new year


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    The best way to get some stalking is through someone like a friendly keeper or such like but its a long hard road for most of us years of beating and helping out on shoots the other way of getting there is a forestry syndicate
    again there is no short cut with all the dsc1 dsc2 fit and competent quad licence First aid course
    Most of the Guy,s on here have been at it for years . Best of luck though Drag

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    Understand what your saying gents and ladies, i totally agree with your comments and willing to travel and more than willing to help on any estate believe it or not im a qualified but with no permission to shoot deer and i don't wanna start Knocking on farmers doors offering 10`s of thousands undermining some one else im only looking for the odd few a year eating my self.
    But at the same time i want to be able to go as and when i want to go out. even if its a case of sitting for Charlie, Reynard Mr fox what ever people want to call them.
    yes i know the lingo and country life strange that as i am qualified EX gamekeeper
    shame as i hoped to bring hep and advice to others on the site i may not currently have deer but i have a lot of knowledge in fieldsports
    Gents and Ladies thank you all for your time and i respect and wish you all a happy new year
    kind regards

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    Hi deerstalker39, I hope you find some useful information here:

    How did you get yours? - Page 2
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    Deerstalker 39

    From your time as a gamekeeper, do you not have any contacts who could get you what you are looking for ? Why have friends in the know and not try there first..


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    Deerstalker39, In October 2013 you said " Looking for a position to gain more experience in deer management and game keeping"

    However, today you mention that you are a
    qualified EX gamekeeper ??

    May I please ask what qualifications you do currently hold in Game keeping and Deer Management, this would help members give you the best advice and next steps.

    Unfortunately there is no magic fix, there are hundreds of people all requiring the same as you, I had to wait six years before I gained my own stalking rights and that was after obtaining the DSCs.

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