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Thread: Which quad bike

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    Which quad bike

    Getting to that time in my life when the body is going knee gone and back going. Looking to buy a quad bike for extraction of deer is there any that I should stay away from or a certain make I should be looking at any help would be helpful

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    I would say you cannot beat hondas

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    Hondas are good. but....
    I've got a Kawasaki KLF 300 4 x 4 and a small Ifor williams trailer.. Excellent machine. Loads of torque, goes anywhere on very off road tyres. Hi/lo box.
    Tows half a tonne off road....
    All the parts are still available too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I would say you cannot beat hondas
    + 1 ..had mine for 8 years doing exactly what you want one for ,extracting deer .Service once a year , never had a problem with it ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    I would say you cannot beat hondas
    regards pete

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    hondas, think our last one was 15 when it got nicked. Apart from occasional maintenance never a spanner on it

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    Honda is bullet proof. But it depends on the ground your extracting on. I use a foreman 500 with the twin back shocks and it feels so unstable on the hill.
    Ive been out on the hill with the shepherds 500 suzuki kingquad and it beats the honda hands down on stability and comfort and will go far more places than my foreman will.

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    Honda or Kawasaki keep it locked up my brother has had two stolen

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    I have a Honda 500 foreman to and its never been any bother. I use it right through the shooting season alongside the gator.

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    Honda 500 for me if i was you fit a tracker unless your security is like fort Knox.

    Do nor underestimate the thieving B@@@rstards.

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