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Thread: Tyres. Event ML698 or Hankook RF10

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    Tyres. Event ML698 or Hankook RF10

    I have been doing some tyre research for my Jimny and have decided that it's the Event ML698 or the Hankook RF10 both are all terrain tyres (50/50).
    Has anyone experience of these tyres good or bad please.
    I did want the Continental Crosscontact All Terrain but in the 205/70 R15 they are almost unobtainable or very expensive.
    Thanks for your help,

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    Get the hankook they will last twice as long as event. I have used both over the years and now will only fit hankook on my own vehicles as for the money they out preform every thing else in their price range. Event are just a budget tyre and wear very fast.
    the continental will outlast both by quite a lot but they are very expensive

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    Its looking like the hankook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,would like the conti but like we both say very expensive.

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    I managed to get hold of some Continental Crosscontact AT for 67 (plus fitting) each which is a bargin from The nearest to them was ATS 90 fitted.

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    Good luck with your new tyres, I replaced my Jimny tyres last November and to my dismay at 45mph I got a terrible steering wheel wobble.

    Got the usual all checked and no problem with the tracking, balance track rod ends etc., After searching the nett found that this is a problem with Jimny's when you put off road tyres on them.

    This weekend I am fitting a steering damper to try an eleviate the problem.

    So fingers crossed it solves the problem..


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    I have Events on my truck and they are fine but only do annual milage of 4K.

    I think they were 150 pair fitted last summer, quote from mid devon tyres and local independant was similar.

    Very good off road traction and no trouble on road but only fitted to rear wheels.


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