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    17 hmr

    Hmr wanted , complete set up preferable .
    but not essential , not looking for new , but must be a good clean condition .

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    Just been notified at Monday's range session of a nearly new CZ 452 set by a trusted TR colleague, Selling as he briefly strayed into the field bunny shooting. Postcode SG8, and very little used.

    If you're interested PM me, and I'll supply his EMA.
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    I have a CZ455, laminate thumbhole, with a Meopta 7x50. PM me if you are interested.

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    I have CZ 452 20" heavy barrel not threaded. Excellent condition, less than 400 rounds. There is nothing wrong with it I simply have no use for it, in fact I haven't fired it for over 4 years. I have a scope on it which is a Tasco Golden Antler 3-9x40, not exactly a German scope but it will get you going. I can also chuck in a bore snake. I have been offered 220 against a new airgun which I am picking Saturday week. So You can have it for the same plus transfer costs. PM me if interested and I will send you a few pics.

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