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Thread: seeland marsh trousers

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    seeland marsh trousers

    Hi, I just bought a pair of the Seeland marsh trousers.
    Seeland Marsh Trousers | ArdMoor | Shooting Trousers
    Admittedly, I didn't pay the full price as I got them secondhand off someone. But, looking at them, considering their new price of only 100, I'd have to say that they make the Harkila pro hunters, and other things that I've tried from the harkila range, or other harkila things that I own, look somewhat over priced and crap.
    If you want some really top quality trousers, with big pockets, that are waterproof and breath, and are built to withstand daily wear, then look no further. I wear these every day and can't fault them. They were a bit rustley when I 1st got them but after a couple of hours they were broken in.

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    Thanks for the review, i'm looking at the Marsh jacket at the moment.

    Keep us updated with how the trousers do in the long run.

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    Hi Olaf, how are you getting on with these now & how's the waterproofing holding up?


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    Sound good from general feedback, will be giving them a try myself.
    Thanks for the idea.

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    i have the seeland keepers i think?thin as tissue have had them 3 or 4 seasons p wet through/ snow,but theres a nice comfy netting lining and they dry on in minutes no good on barb wire my wifes sick off sewing the crutch , have a new pair seeland same lining but more heavy duty waiting till these fall of my back look ok bit rustly but once i start falling in a few ditches theyll be reet as i say the thin ones rip at nothing but ive never been cold. ps both coats are brilliant really good

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