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Thread: Paramo Anyone?

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    Paramo Anyone?

    Been looking for a new jacket for some time now and was in town today and came across a jacket by a make called Paramo had a good look at it and it looks really good. The guy in the shop said lots of people are buying these over gore-tex jackets, as there more breathable. Has anyone had any experience with this brand of jacket? Here’s a link to the jacket.



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    I had one of their early jackets and salopettes and was quite impressed. You got a bit clammy when it poured down but no more so than any other get-up when you're doing something strenuous in the rain. My wife has the Cascala? trousers and she thinks they are superb, only problem being that they are quite warm. The only problem I would foresee would be snagging on thorns, etc.

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    I am a great fan of Paramo and wear their trail shirts a lot, they are great and dry fast. I also have tried their waterproofs and bought them for my girlfriend but I don't think they are up to stalking.

    I have some of their waterproof trousers and they only lasted a few days as they were just not robust enough. In saying that I still wear them for walking to trout fishing and they are comfortable and zip open for ventilation but they now have some holes.

    My girlfriend has one of their coats and loves it but she only uses it for in town type use. Again I think it is a great job but wouldn't expect it to last a week of hard use or to be suitable for stalking. She certainly doesn't wear it when working at sheep or similar.

    I also don't find that the paramo gear is waterproof if you actually have to lie or sit on it. As with most of the mountaineering/"i do dangerous sports" stuff it is fine for walking about the town or walking from the car to the pub but less than ideal if you are thinking of stalking in it, with the exception of the trail shirts which are just great, and I also believe some of their fleeces are good though have no personal experience of them.

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    Excellent kit and because there is no membrane thorn and puncture proof.
    I have a cascade jacket and it is an ideal piece of kit, waterproof, quick drying etc etc but................

    the design will not withstand a pressure head of water so if you are on your elbows glassing you will get wet clothes in that area. Breathability is good so the items soon dry out.

    Of all my kit this is one piece that is a definite multi use item if you bear in mind the aforementioned issue.

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    I swear by my Paramo kit, bought mostly for mountaineering it's kept me dry and warm in some pretty nasty weather on the hill. It's good kit!

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    I've used it for about 14 years now and it is fantastic - but not for stalking!

    The shirts are great, last forever and are good under normal stalking jackets. The outers (trouser & jackets) rely on being washed in 'Nikwax' or similar for the waterproofing bit. I wore the trousers underneath a pair of standard Army issue trousers which worked well.
    They are not hard wearing enough for general stalking purposes though.

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